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I can pinpoint my recent massive upswing in mood and general happiness to one particular afternoon two weeks ago.

It started with training. mugai training at that. It had been so long since I'd trained, and with someone new, that we started light, stayed light and went for 2.5 hours. Just being on the mats with someone else lifts such a weight from my mind.
Best part? I didn't feel like I'd been hit with a bus the morning after.

The lift continued with spending the weekend with [personal profile] transcendancing and some PolyVic people at Aireys Inlet attending a music festival. To me, spending time with good people and music was a must-do event. It turned out much better than I could have ever expected. To say more would ... be TMI. Suffice to say, there are rumours that I snore giggles.

A significant part has been gaining two friends, who I have the gut feeling will be with me for the long haul. (One has since managed to burst that bubble, so we'll see about that one.) The other ... well, all the things are going right.

After that, it's just been lots of random little things going right which have kept my mood buoyant. The only serious down during this last fortnight was a week ago, when everything around me was going wrong. Centrelink, traffic, communication failures, but nothing that I had any influence on. I was down a little still on Friday, but it went away with whatever we ended up doing on the weekend.

I did spend an entire afternoon walking along the South Melbourne beach. In sun, and 20-ish degree weather! It really was beautiful and reminded me of all the times I've missed doing that in Perth.

I've realised because I now have more, is that spending relaxed time with someone, with no pressures or stresses is amazing.

There is still nothing new on the job front. I had an interview which seemed to go really well. However, the usual happened afterwards - I have heard nothing from anybody, even after repeated pokes of the recruiter.
Last Monday was particularly galling on the job hunting front - there were zero Unix Engineer or Architect jobs advertised. (those that came back were all Windows jobs - wtf???)
Now, while I /can/ do SysAdmin roles, I'd go stir crazy all too quickly, so no - no SA jobs for me.

I picked up my violin with intent several weeks ago. After ~4 weeks of self directed practice, I did a random spontaneous search for a teacher, and well, I found one. She's in South Melbourne, and has pushed me hard, in the same way that only Kaneda has ever been able to. This is both awesome and terrifying. I'm getting close to the point where I'll be comfortable playing in front of other people again. But the learning! So much learning!

Off to Perth for ten days in a week. Soooooo looking forward to it.
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