Apr. 21st, 2013 11:14 pm
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During my recent trip to Perth,I came to a very strong realisation of just how much I value the time I do get with my friends and family. Being so far away most of the time, I do not get the regular little contact that we so often take for granted. Walking to the shops, catching up for tea/coffee, just time. My visits pack so much, so many people into a very short space, I get several month's worth of shared time in a couple of hours.

Every moment shared is a gift.


Went to a friend's 50th* birthday party last night. After many, many intense cuddles,I managed about an hour's sleep, before the requirements of today made themselves known. Drained and tired, I still, possibly foolishly, still trained with Tom, but just a short physical session and lots of tea. I miss having people who really push me and I need it to develop further. Currently, I'm building my teaching skills, and crafts related to mugairyu, and these things are valuable, but do not simulate me at the same level. Of the many people I trained with last week (mugairyu and aikido) every one teaches me something new, but I learn much more and faster with those who are more skilled than I. Well be hunting new and different people to train with in the near future. We'll see what I find.

* the age span of my friends is now over 30 years. I am not surprised at this thing.
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