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Today was a day of spontaneous action. Last night [personal profile] caitlen mentioned that she wanted to look at a car in Wodonga, I said, "want company?" and we both went Road Trip!
So we drove to Albury/Wodongo, for the hell of it.

I was a little concerned that it has been some 6 years since the two of us had seen each other, and here we are, locked in a car together for the rest of the day, hoping it would turn out well.

It was disturbingly cold leaving Melbourne, both our cars were covered in a reasonable layer of ice (Laverton recorded its overnight minimum at 0800 of -0.7) but the drive up was rather nice. Good clear sky, and only the occasional stupid driver. The conversation was even better, as we caught up on 6 year's worth of missed real life conversation.
We looked at cars. ooooh shiny! Didn't buy any, as expected, had good Thai curry for lunch, and then headed out. Detoured via the Hume Dam head, cause it was there, walked across the border a couple of times, because we could and then drove home, so [personal profile] caitlen could go to work.

Delivered her to work, and then, as I realised the fridge contained nothing edible, and I had not the energy to cook, I scoffed a delicious smoked salmon and rocket pizza at Polly's.

I did have plans for the day. Sleeping, market shopping, cutting some decking. Guess that's being pushed out to tomorrow :)

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Date: 2013-06-22 01:22 pm (UTC)
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Yay for spontaneity!! Glad you both had such a marvellous time catching up and having adventures.

Also, despite the words 'dam' on the sign, it's known locally as 'the weir' (I spent all my summers there growing up).


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