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Well, it seems that my ability to put words to screen, or keyboard are becoming less intermittent. This is good, as I'm using it as an indicator of how interactive with the world I'm being.

So .... the last month or so has been a whirlwind.

An opportunity arose and I took it, sending me to Japan for a week to see my grandfather, while I still had the chance. He's just turned 90. 90! Although it has been 18 years since I was last there, he did still remember me. There's a longer post coming, with more detail.
I have started working with IBM, being pimped out to the NAB for some kind of RHEL/OEL keyboard monkey type role. It appears to be a mix of clicky click keyboard poking mundanity, and crazy hectic project work. I'm hoping for more of the latter as the former drives me batty - too boring and my brain stagnates.
Access to NAB systems is scheduled to take anything up to 10 weeks. Yes, ten whole weeks, during which time I'm expected to be an unproductive leech. It's truly frustrating.

Being in an office has left me with much less spare time than usual, for which I am entirely thankful! and money. the income stream is pacifying the mortgage monsters, and oh shiny teapot, is that a relief!

During the week in Japan, I got back into the habit of walking places. I walked 3-5km every day while over there, and kept it up after coming back. Between carpentry on the house, and walking to/from walk I've been getting a good 4-6km in per day.

I have also cut my dairy intake down a *lot*. It's hard to get in Japan, unless it's soaked in sugar, which is blecch to me, and I was feeling nauseous after 150mL of iced coffee, so stopped I did. Feeling better physically too.
I've tried cutting down on wheat products as well, but I haven't noticed any significant physiological responses.

The above things aren't all that's contributing to the next item, but somewhere, I've lost 10kg this year. My belly is finally, finally shrinking towards where I'm feeling actually comfortable about it. Another 5kg or so, and I'll be truly comfortable.

I have found a taiko group (Japanese drums) and have been along to two practice sessions now. This is definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my calendar now.

I have looked for, but not found tea ceremony or calligraphy teachers. So, I'm still just winging them.

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