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Anything, everything, something.
I do stuff. Anything and everything.
I'm usually good at it.

The short:
"I'm an attached, grumpy, cantankerous old man. I'm too old for you, whoever
you are. Go away! Under my gruff exterior there lies a heart of granite.
I'm opinionated all to hell, and I'm always correct. I like the music
that you don't. I do not watch...television. Pop culture is not something
that concerns me. I am hipper than you all. I am a spelling Nazi. Either
spellcheck or prepare to die. Typos, are OK ... if I make them. I
play a French scholar in the SCA so I can relive the glory days of
my youth. Ah, the smell of burning cities! I was here before the Law. God
gives *me* Sundays off. I am pure Dutch chocolate. I am the stuff of your
dreams. Remember some of your dreams?"

now, back to reality.

I geek on several levels - computers (why else am i here?), cars, electronics, calligraphy, illumination (yes, arty things too) and (hard) science fiction - Niven and Pratchett being at the top of that heap.
I lived in Japan for '94. Been back twice. Need to go more often. I occasionally flirt with my artistic side in the SCA. (back doing that again. Until the urge to kill people gets too strong again).

I have been assimilated into the iiBorg. I do not do support, so do not ask.
bofh, bofh and lart are words I use regularly.

Uncontrollable flirt. Don't accept compliments well, nor patronisation or sympathy. *sigh*
My other site
The other other site.
Can be found on orkut.
I have a micro business - Western Dragon that trades computers and services - a work in progress . . .
Words are definitely not my natural medium of expression, so this journal will sound a little jilted a lot of the time.


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