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Tonight I have just felt damn weird.
I managed to get distracted at work until almost 6:45 by an hour long phone call with my dad and a workrant with a couple of my workmates. There are some rather unusual feelings of discontent in the state of Denmark.

And as per usual, I run through the list of things I did this evening with the feelings that ran around my head with them.

A short stint of 15 minutes of violin stretching, interrupted by [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon blessing my ears with her delicious voice. I am starting to seriously un-suck. I'm practicing the pieces that 3 weeksa go were tortuing my poor widdle fingies and now I've discovered I'm playing them a touch too fast. ooops?
Dropped my mackerel fishies into the oven with some sliced ginger, lemon and butter for just over half an hour. They should have been downright tasty, but I think I let them be not-eaten for that little bit too long. The flesh was ... not as firm and perfect as it should have been. That made me sad. Contrasting very strongly with having Black Books playing in the background. Eternal amusement is an enlightened Mannie. (I was referred to as him not so long ago. Something to do with the hair, I think)

oh, shaved my goatee of excessive porndom off yesterday morning too. It had been annoying me for too long. So it went! Gone! and I'm glad of it too.

My body is feeling weird. I felt drunk tired earlier. at about ten pm. Enough that standing vertically was a distinct issue. That's not good when one has a violin strapped to ones shoulder. Oh yeah, more practicing after dinner. recordings were made to judge my pace and tuning. hmmmmmmm can still get better. (Yes, I am a perfectionist in this too) deal.
Recordings of my playing might be made publically accessible later when I get a decent microphone and I'm no longer reliant on my laptop being placed in a strategic location. It has a merely acceptible dynamic range.

Discovered one of my housemates had left a trashy magazine lying around. It told me it needed reading. Hey! it contained text! of course it needed reading!
So I got distracted by the section that was all about weddings. Yes, my housemates are getting married in January. If you've made it this far, yes, Sarah and I have set a date too. We'll now be stuck in the throes of organising the damn thing. In case you're interested, the day of our engagement.
No don't use the word fiance. To me it's a transient term. and definitely there shall be no use of the word partner. That's reserved for dancing. For some reason, I have more attachment to the term girlfriend than either of those.
and wife. I like that one :)
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I'm offering fashion advice. WTF does that mean?
This coming from someone (who I believe at any rate) has a fashion sense from left field, and compared to some of my friends (::cough:: [livejournal.com profile] kae_dash ::cough::) rates like pond scum in the evolutionary tree of life.

Another day at the writing table is planned for today. Hopefully, I'll get one large thing out of the way, and some progress made on others. (As always, pics will be made available when they're *finished*)


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