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[personal profile] velithya simply asked for something Mugairyu related.

I chose the poem that the name "mugairyu" comes from.

"There is nothing other than the One True Way
Heaven and Earth profit from this single Virtue
The fluttering feather knows this secret
To be settled during confusion is to be enlightened and pure"
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Iain is another friend who I met through Rebel. He is a friend who inspires just through his mere existence.

Shame is for other people. "Dance like nobody's watching" were his words for me to work with.

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Many years ago, after I moved back to Perth after spending a year in Sydney, I came to train with Kaneda, and discovered that during my absence, he had formed Rebel and re-formed the mugairyu training group. I was happy to be training again - martial arts has always been a core part of me, and training with Kaneda in particular, has shaped me into the person I am today. I do so sorely miss it when I am apart.

I returned, and every time I came to training, Andy, oh so happy Andy, would always fling his arms into the air and run over to me, greeting me with enthusiasm and a joyous, "JP-san!" I cannot express just how much good that did for my self esteem. He gave me these words - "outlandish and ridiculous hand waves". I cannot think of these words without recalling his exuberance and the joy it brought me back then, and still does now.

The start of this project.
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I've made a good start on the Inspirational Friends calligraphy project. I have a few pieces mapped out, for when I get some free time (!) to work on them. I have now, actually finished one.

[personal profile] transcendancing who thought she was just being supportive completely failed to realise that her support is inspirational as well. It's not perfect, but that's not what I'm aiming for with these works.
From start to finish, it took about half an hour - ~15 practice sheets to make me realise I need to stop rushing, relax, fall into the flow and let the ink do the work for me.

Ju is always overflowing with love for those she cares about. It is the word that I have always associated with her.

This is the kanji for love (ai).

sumi on board
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As if I don't have enough things to keep me busy for the rest of the year, I have decided to add another long-term project to my list. This one is aimed at working on three specific targets - to improve my calligraphy, to keep in better contact with all my far flung friends and to keep on my resolve of being less of a consumer and more of a producer.

To that aim, and to take small inspiration from some other maker themed memes, I am going to throw this to the world of my friends.
The first ::handwaves:: hundred or so people to respond here will get a piece of calligraphy from me.

My constraints:

  • It will be done this year
  • I will spend at least 5 minutes on it (more likely to be at least an hour, but hey, gotta make realistic limits)
  • I retain free will to do these things in any order I feel like.
  • It'll be either Japanese (brush), or Western (nib), entirely up to me!
  • Anything else I feel like adding later (so as to make sure I actually finish these things)

Your constraints:

  • Provide some form of inspiration, be it a word, a phrase, poem. Something, anything. Otherwise I'll write something outlandish and ridiculous and you'll be stuck with that forever.
  • We must be friends. Joe Random Internet Troll gets nothing!
  • Tweet at me, DM, email, reply here. I'll catch all incoming messages

Right, go!

*Addendum. I don't allow anonymous posts here, and you'd have to put some form of identifying thingy on a post anyway. So ... send me your inspiration via a means you know works.


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