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So ... do you think you are a hard core coffee fan?
[livejournal.com profile] kae_dash and I are often reputed to be so.

Sure, we grind our beans fresh, we source beans we know taste good, we micro foam our milks and all that says awesome coffee here. We have decent machines to play with and K is well known for his latte art.

What we've never done, is taken that next step with our coffee machines and home made coffee machines!!!

Now that's dedication to the art.
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I just wasted coffee. good coffee at that too.
just been down to the post office to pick up some books[0] and grabbed an iced coffee on the way back from the brilliant coffe maker downstairs. it decided to jump out of my hand as I went through the front door. ::wails::

thankfully, I've established enough of a rapport with the Coffee Maker Genius, that he graciously cleaned said spilt coffee and refilled my cup. ::blink:: me happy and caffeinated again.
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well... today I splurged. but it was planned, so it's all right.

Went through town this afternoon to buy thread at Lincraft, to discover that Lincraft is no more. It is a dead parrot. So [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon and I, we went a wandering in seach of threads. We meandered through Target (that's a soft 'g') and found nothing.
We ambled a little quicker through Myers-not-Grace-Brothers and also discovered, nothing.
So I thought, what the hell, I have these two $100 gift vouchers for David Jones that I obtained by spending vast quantities of money on my credit card over the last 3 years ($1200 a month cause I have to, to get salary packaging $$$). Small price to pay for convenience eh?
and I found coffee machines. That is what those vouchers were destined for anyway. What surprised me was the price tags you could attach to these coffee makers. Dear God, what a waste of money some of them were. There was one rather cool one that looked like a still. A mere $2000, plus $500 for the wooden base. If you get the time, go have a browse. Do not go near the automatic machines though. They're scary

In the meantime, I gloat. and it's red. Does that mean it goes faster? )


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