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for i cannot count any more. no energy left. I didn't get to bed until way too late last night, 0230, or something silly like that. I got distracted by the intarweb and IM'ing [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon. :)
so ... I woke up late this morning, 1100, which is a very silly time to be getting out of bed. way too late really. 'cept it's Sunday, so lazing around shuold be par for the course. well, I threw that out the window and rode down to Paddington.

So, today's cycling statistics:
total km : 23.15km
cycling time : 1:16:31 (hms)
RealTime : 3 hours
max speed : 57 km/hr
odometer : 231km
Rocks : 1

There's a nice stretch of Willoughby road which comes from the freeway overpass down to the set of lights near my house. I managed to pull 50km/hr plus for that whole 400m stretch. and then hit a red light :( I had been hoping to coast up the hill that leads to my house, oh well.
I really do not like the condition of Sydney's roads. They suck. Really really badly. I managed to find the only rock along one stretch as well, and it was a big black bugger that punctured my front tyre. I hit it hard enough that I felt like it should have bent my front rim too. 3 inches across, with the pointy bit up. grrrrrrrrr

boxes of stuff (Tm) should be arriving tomorrow. I'll have my kitchen toys back!
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pulled the bike out for a trip around the local beaches. yay for beaches. not so yay for the vast quantity of people.

Rode down to Coogee Beach. Very hilly. Hilly enough that I broke my land speed record of 60km/hr!!!
mine eyes did water after that. My previous bests had all been around the 55km/hr mark. Very short steep hill. Not going back up that one no!

Rode around the ocean up to Bondi Beach. Oggled the flesh landscapes and appreciated the oceanic landscape. damn my camera cable for not being near me. and me for not having a media reader. :(

Back into Bondi Junction to update Lj :)
and on the way I went the wrong way. ie, up a hill. damn thing wore me out completely. I had to stop and rest, not 5 minutes after I'd left the vast beauteous fleshlandscape of the beach. tut tut. mine poor leggies. I must take better care of you. Creatine and some magnesium addatives tomorrow.

and soon ... back home, where I shall recuperate. The only riding tomorrow shall be into the randwick shops. ahhhh fuckit. I'll walk. it's only 650m. I'll walk more than that inside the shopping centre.

11km today

quiet day

Apr. 13th, 2006 03:39 pm
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first awaking down in Randwick.
right! let's take advantage of the trains.
Cycled up to Bondi Junction to have a look around. found a 'net cafe and a bicycle store. did some
shopping. had planned on going past the beach on the way home but it rained! Cold rain at that too.
so no beach.
5.5km round trip (or thereabouts)

back out on the bike to view house in artarmon.
bike to Bondi junction, train to Artarmon (yay for trains). not quite 2 km at the far end. it's
close to the station. and back again. not many kms on the clock. quite a quiet night too. bleah

tack 10km on the clock
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Left Mik and Alison' house about 5:30, giving me an hour and forty five to get to North Sydney, so I
took a scenic route via the opera house, The Rocks, underneath the southern end of the bridge, and
up past the Sydney observatory. Even taking it slowly, I made it there before 7. waited a bit.
waited some more. looked at the house, er room, and decided, no way, definitely not.
So ... up to northeast Crows Nest to have a look at another room. 8pm and I was there. Having left
North Sydney at 1930, that worked out quite well. via the Pacific hwy and Alexander Rd. roads.
cars. yeah.
(looked at the house, it was freacking brilliant! 'cept I didn't get it)
had planned on looking at another house in Artarmon, but I had no idea how to get there, so back to
Woolloomooloo it was.
and I cycled all the way. back down the hwy, across the bridge and through the cbd.

added some more kms to the list. not sure how many, will Google Earth it later


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