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Spent yesterday doing the things that were planned, in much more time than expected. The day became long. Long and tiring, but satisfying.

Delivered [personal profile] transcendancing to a recruiter interview, and kept myself occupied by dropping in on my UniMelb ex-workers at the daily morning coffee. Only two of the regulars turned up. I had quite forgot that as part of The Great Organisation Re-Shuffle, most of the Unix Ops team were turned out, so the Two Leading Brains of my old Engineering team were holding the hands of the highly paid conslutants who are now doing the work of one Excellent Ops guy. Typical short sighted planning. (Replacing 6+6 Unix and Windows Ops guys with 2+2 and the expectation/requirement that they'd skill share)

Re-gained a Ju, gained second coffee and a raspberry smoothie, and then took off to Veg Out in St Kilda to take inspirational photos for chaosmanor. We only got rained on a little, but inspirational photos were gained. It's a nice little garden, hiding away in the 'burbs. Will have to take [personal profile] dormant_dragon back too.

Had lunch at Tanya's swanky restaurant. Had difficulty finding non-fishy items on the menu.
It was, of course, utterly delicious, and also, existing in Toorak, appropriately priced. Double :(

Was more than a little successful at hunting foods in the prawn (Prahran) Markets. So many tasty cheeses, blood oranges, cheap raspberries (!), and pink lady apple juice. And! not just one, but several free range critter suppliers!

Home, wrangled peak hour traffic :(
collapsed into the bed of warm and comfy. Awoke to find a cat on top of me. Normal!

[personal profile] dormant_dragon turned my acquisitions into delicious tasty noms. As always. Braised chicken breast with roast veggies, with a delicious garlic filled sauce.

hmmmmm sauce hmmmmm

Today feels like a(nother) recovery day. ::sigh::
The drugs appear to have kicked in, so I'm going to find something light to do with the rest of my day. That'll be either designing some calligraphy, or more carving of the tenor rebec, though, that one's really on hold until I am able to obtain a replacement soundboard. (The supplied one doesn't fit.) and maybe, some more wrangling of the Cisco kit.
My network needs vlans and a captive portal. Yes, yes it does. Really.

yum cha!

Dec. 30th, 2006 06:20 pm
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12pm, Sunday, at the usual place on Manning Rd. Be there. Yum cha! it's kinda late notice, cause it only got organised late late last night.

Food Porn!

Nov. 12th, 2006 01:15 pm
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At the request of [livejournal.com profile] callistra, I present:
Food Porn!

or, the purloining of my exploits yesterday.

The coconut, three mangoes, the bananas and one punnet of strawberries have all been eaten in the last 24 hours.
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I went for a wander around my local shopping center this afternoon. Normally I just go to Woolworths, buy stuff, lament the lack of spare $$$ to spend at the liquor store and then leave. tonight, no. I wandered past the butchers and noticed something that spun me right out. Wagyu beef. Admittedly, $60/kg but egads! It's in stock. They also have frozen bunnies. ::blink:: ::blink:: I've been looking for bunny for over a year and here I have one not 2km from home. Brilliant! A mere $18 per bunny (about a kilo) which makes them reasonably priced too. Happy happy joy joy.
The local fishmarket also has a decent range. Enough that I splurged on dinner tonight. Fresh salmon steak. Wrapped in alfoil, and lovingly roasted with some garlic and rosemary and some roasted chips and corn on the side. Deeeeeelectable. I'll definitely do that again.
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and i've just finsihed whipping up a nice bowl of pasta carbonara, complete without mushrooms, and I'm thinking of something to drink.
orange juice? nahh the curdle factor.
milk? nope, enough of that already in the sauce.
coffe? yipe!
white wine! yes. oh. bugger.
None in the house.
the first time since departing Perth that I'm at home and desiring a glass of plonk. is this saying something about me?
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i'm looking for a reasonably priced restaurant that does good food.
my first thought was witches cauldron cause that's what I like, but their menu is shall we say, far from cheap or even reasonable for most people.



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