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so ... i've spent most of today snoozing. i'm rather ahead of schedule. THe inside of the house is pretty much done. just need to flea bomb it before tomorrow and do the major clean. but that's for after I move out anyway.

library: completely in boxes (thanks [livejournal.com profile] cricketk!)
sewing room: completely in boxes (thanks mum!)
my bedroom: most clothes sorted into prioritised boxes. just the bed and sundry items left
spare room: empty ... ::blink:: ::blink::
computer room: contains computers still :(
kitchen: non essentials packed.
couch room: all packed except for the couch.
lounge room: full of boxes and everything from all the other rooms.

shed: full of stuff (Tm) [livejournal.com profile] ducts did spend some time out there last night, which is useful)

phew! all I have to do now, is sort out what's going with me now, what's going later, what's not at all and where that 'not at all' stuff is staying.
There'll be a list of things I'll post up which will be 'for the grabbing' which will be posted shortly.

tonight, i'm off to a (ex) work cocktail party. yay for accepting invitations before I handed in my resignation.
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the boxes are slowly filling. I have a lot of stuff, it's just awkward to actually get it packed. I /think/ I'm ahead of schedule. I think.
I have a bin organised for tomorrow. Hopefully I can fill it quickly enough! I have it for 4 days. hmmm weekend, I wonder.

Chasing residencies in Sydney. Making some progress. there's a lot of studio apartments all in the $250-$400 price range. realistically, a little more than what I want to be paying but *shrug* that's what i get for location right? chasing down shared acomodation. less stuff required to move that way too!

woke up feeling very ick! today. dropped [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon off at work and returned straight to bed until midday, by which stage, it was time to pick up her up again!. *sigh* [livejournal.com profile] cricketk came over last night and helped pack. Greatly appreciated thank you ::huggle::
Mum's coming over tomorrow. that'll be interesting as she is what I would call well organised at this packing thing. she seems to think that i've not left myself enough time to pack. i know that if i'd given myself more time i would have used that time and slacked off. this way i Have To Get It All Done and soon! no time for slacking!


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