The Plague

May. 28th, 2007 12:55 pm
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Damn Plague. It's spreading, and I seem to have caught it.

I am wondering what is wrong with me at the moment. Since I've moved back to Perth, I've had four days sick off work. (not sick of work, I like my work and workmates), and I'm getting a little worried.
What is causing my immune system to be weakened to the state that I am catching what seems to be everything going past. I think some of it is my allergies to dogs and cats. That was really noticeable at Ju and Kaneda's house. Less so now, noticeably less so, so I'm guessing my reactions to cats are still a little worse than that to dogs.
I did get desensitised many years ago. Wonder if I need to get them looked at again ...

Other than that, stress maybe? SCA politics interfering in my life in a more subversive manner than I had thought? namely, not overtly, like they have in the past, but a subliminal annoyance, like an evil mother in law. You know she's there, always ready to strike. Just waiting.

In other news, I went shooting with [ profile] anysia, [ profile] aikidomayland and [ profile] kae_dash on Sunday. We all had a ball. I borrowed on of [ profile] anysia's bows, because I just can't shoot consistently with my horse bow. Unmatched arrows and all :(
We did a (seriously) modified King's Round as a bare bow shoot.
We were using large (120cm) FITA targets and their standard scoring (centre gold=10-> outer white=1), not SCA usual. (gold=5->white=1), which also bumped the absolute score up considerably.
5 ends of 6 arrows at 30 yards, then one 30s speed round.
2 ends of 6 at 20 yards and one speed round, leaves us with 9 ends and a max(ish) score of 450 (allowing 6 arrows in the speed rounds, which is average).

The guys we shot with are all serious target archers who are used to shooting with trainer wheels, sights, stabilisers, telescopes etc etc etc. I prefer just shooting with a bow and some arrows, no aids.

I ended up doing rather well too. I scored 302, which was a little lower than [ profile] anysia and [ profile] aikidomayland's scores of 340 and 319 (congrats to them!). but rather good, all considered. I was regularly pegging 9 and 10s, which made me very very happy.

Archery is one sport I really want to get back in to. I've only shot 6 times in the last 18 months and I've really missed shooting regularly. Here's to getting some decent target gear and getting my consistency back.

[ profile] dormant_dragon and I have been playing our instruments lots and *that* is something I have been incredibly satisfied with. My violin playing is still getting better and better. We have plans for Pencampwyr this weekend which involve a lot of live music and our Evil Plans (Tm) are going well.
We have dance sets organised for the Saturday night feast. Background music for the same, a collegia (or two) for inspiring others to join us. and random music to be played throughout the weekend.

and now, I'll go back to ignoring the puppies and coughing my plague infested globules into tissues.
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I have noticed in the last few days that there are quite a few musicians on my friends list. Specifically stringed musicians.
And all of us will be at Swancon.
Espys a plan, do I.
so .... I got to thinking, put up your hand if you'll be at Swancon this year and interested in jamming? or at least grabbing a room and nattering away over some instruments. No performances. No pressure, just some kind of random collective of music appreciators and creators.

I'll not name the names on my flist, in case said named people do not wish to be named
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that I have recently rediscovered.
The joys of re-ripping all ones' CDs.

I present, music by Delerium off the albums Karma and Poem )


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