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Looky! Peter Lewis is back in the news. He's sold Stairways, which makes me go ::boggle:: a bit, but ... every as every man has his price, it is the parent of Anarcy, and it seems that it is time for him to move on.
Stairways has done well under his guidance. and damnit, he is a person I have always admired.

Pulled out the 'ole stretchy cat this afternoon and played some etudes. Damn if they don't work the left hand hard. Usually it takes 20-30 minutes of continual playing of dance music before my hand feels this worn out. Ouchies. It does indicate in other ways, however, just how far I still have to go before I truly recover that ability I used to have, decades ago.
I'm gonna do some writing instead. it's less strenuous on my now getting old fingies.
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didn't get much more done on the mysql migration at work today. *shrug*
discovering the pain that is mysql's user administration.
fark it's annoying. I long for the joy of postgres' simple user administration.
mysql is so FITH[0] it's disturbing. I'm actually looking forward to delving into MS SQL. It can't be as bad as this!

Still cold. I'm actually finding it very annoying. I leave work and it's dark, or I just see the sun setting over the hills (and that's weird enough on its own). I get home and the chill starts to settle in.
The problem with that is it's very hard to even attempt playing a violin with cold fingers. It hurts for one thing. Mind not attentive on the task is another.
So I spent some time increasing the level of entropy in the universe by eating up my laptop's spare cpu cycles with oggenc. Not a Lame mp3 encoder to create patent encumbered mp3z but a patent (and hence libre) higher quality format.
my google f00 finally worked for getting a decent ogg encoder. Max. I would have liked to be able to use audion as my one stop music shop but I could find no easy way (without nattering with the developers) of getting an ogg encoder into it. It's no longer in development so I don't rate my chances high either. but ... Max is doing the fully automated thing for me. Insert CD, rip, encode, spit CD back out again. now if only I could build an automated CD changing facility on the front of the laptop.
::sigh:: all my LEGO and meccano is back in Perth. ::sigh::
It'd be a bit of a challenge too, as it's a slot loading drive, not a tray loader. rollers maybe? ha! I could use the mechanism from another slot loading drive to load it!

Oh, the reason for all of this enthusiasm about ripping CDs again? the hard drive containing my 45GB of music died last week. ::raour::

[0] FITH


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