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5 years and a couple of days ago, [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon and I met for the first time.
At Lochac's first investiture. (Still complete with the picture of the back of my head. (complete with [livejournal.com profile] etfb looking on).

We've been up. We've been down. We've had some serious bad shit go down. One Ring says it all, however.

We spent Saturday night at Miss Maud's. They have an overnight special, where for not too many $$$ you can spend the night there and get a smorgasboard dinner _and_ breakfast. all you can eay dessert. Bacon, eggs *and* pancakes for breakfast hmmmmm .... They would have been perfect if the berries had not been frozen! rargh
The restaurant is good, but not excellent. They lose out on the little details.

We went and saw a late session of Transformers too. I enjoyed it again and [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon enjoyed the previews for Harry Potter and Stardust. oh yeah, we'll be seeing those two as well.
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and all for [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon.
I was in Perth this weekend just gone, as some may have noticed. I did some sneaky things for the one I love.
First, I arrived on Thursday night, instead of the published Friday night. Made it all the way onto the couch next to Sarah before she noticed. Silly girl had the gall to ask what i was doing there too. tut tut.
and then Friday, I quietly organised my three best friends to meet us in Fremantle on the grassed area in front of the Esplanade Hotel. Silly one, still didn't realise anything was up. Not at least, until I made mention that I wanted to marry her, with my three stooges best friends and closest supporters as witnesses.
The glee and happiness in Sarah's eyes was worth it.


our hands
The One True Ring in all its isolated glory

the rest of the weekend, while fun and enjoyable was a little quiet in comparison. There was an investiture, where Sarah and Daniel became the first non-partners to stand as Baron and Baroness in the history of the _Kingdom_ of Lochac.
I sewed all through the tourney.
I helped behind the scenes (as per usual) throughout the feast. I played my violin a couple of times. Once badly, once well.
I hate the way that even though I've practiced something, my performance nerves kick in as I'm standing ready and I go overly tense, losing rhythm and tonal quality. grrrrrr
I thank Master Crispin for his composition - Ballo de Aneala and my 7 weeks of practice.


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