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well, it's been a while. try and remember to post, and well, not much comes up.
Life has been frenetically busy. As usual.

I have some questions for the blogoverse.

Property Managers - Know any good ones? the ones I have asked to come talk about my house (so we can let it out) either fail to comprehend the phone, or are still living in the 1980s without the internet.

removalists - ditto

Employment - I'm looking for Solaris/Linux/Storage work in Melbourne. If anyone's after a Senior in those areas, I'm happy to oblige.
I'd rather go direct to businesses in need, rather than going through recruitment pimps.


Packing is progressing. slowly, but progressing.
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As we're progressing through our piles of stuff (Tm), we're slowling making piles and boxes of things we no longer need or use. A good few bags of clothes have gone to the salvos. yay!

I have some other things that it's too much like hard work to put up on ebay. yet.

The following for free (or a 6 pack of cider if you're feeling generous)
- Cisco 2601
- Sun Netra X1
- Sun v100
- PVCLE266M-L3.0A (low power VIA ATX board in a case. 1GB ram)

The following for actual quantities of cider:
- Cisco 2950 (24 port)

I also have some random other possibly useful things, including a pci-e quad gig ethernet card, a pci-e 8 port SAS HBA, a slimline DVD-rom drive. console cables, things, bit'n'pieces.

tell me if you're interested, then come get 'em.
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Weekend. It went past. Did I do anything productive? I'm not sure.

long dribblings and ramblings this way )
rain? who wants some? we got some of the hard stuff pelting our roof at the moment. Wind is back up to a consistent 35 knots with gusts up to 45. The kids really did not like the huge clap of thunder that sounded directly overhead at about 10pm. They all wanted to be on our laps. Except Spooty, who just didn't seem to care that the sky was falling in.

My car

Jun. 14th, 2006 09:07 pm
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of all the freaky things, while browsing the world in google earth, I went past Sarah's house and discovered my car! According to the satellites, it's still parked out the front of her house, visible from the upper reaches of our atmosphere.


May. 25th, 2006 11:32 pm
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when you have unix on the brain and you're searching for help, don't type 'man help' into a google window. Not my gaffe, my boss's :)

In other news, the fridge is empty. I'm eking out my existance until I get paid next Friday. This moving across the country has broken my budget. We get paid monthly and the first pay was only a half one and that's making life ... interesting.
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random thoughts from the week.

Thrusday night I went a kenjutsu training. There is a group not 30 minutes walk from my house (near Artarmon train station) that trains three times a week. Their sensei is in Japan at the moment, so training was a little informal. Also means I have to go back again to talk with him about the glaring differences in our styles. Theirs is incredibly straight on - much like kendo. My (our!) mugairyu is much more side on. I will have to see if they are reconcilable.

My legs still hurt, two days later, from working my legs out in completely different ways from what they are used too. A very similar pain to the post gymnastics insanity I did not so long ago.

My bike has clocked 170km. (give or take the initial error, which I think means it's reading under by about 30km)

Today is a day for being lazy. I might drop my bike in at the bike store for a service. I might do it tomorrow.

I found a Lincraft! it's in the city which makes it not too hard to get to. yay.

My landlord is still in Boston. It's very quiet without him ... back to a one geek household ::grin::
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[livejournal.com profile] juffles still makes me laugh


been doing interesting things.

the laptop's behaving :) the wireless was doing some really slow silly things the other day. it might be that the 'airport update' will help that.
this one's running MacOS, cause otherwise I don't get fast windows (no accelerated 3D support for the video chipset under leenux, and no wireless either) i might, just might do some silly things with qemu. in my copious amounts of free time :/

today, today shall be a day of more job applications and laptop tweaking. i need to merge my old OS X profile and linux settings into one, and then onto this laptop. i really like the keyboard on this one. it has a little less key travel than the titanium, it feels a litle softer and it's backlit! yay for backlighting.

yay for cute kittens as well. i have opal asleep across my left arm. she looks comfortable, even though she shouldn't really be. i think she missed me last night - I stayed at [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon's.
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sometimes, politicians surprise me happily.

Freaking cat with sharp digging in claws. Stop trying to crawl all over my keyboard!

Btw, if the words 'coffee' or 'citrus' mean anything to you, please send me an email. Particularly when attached to the words 'favourite' and 'flavour'.
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things are looking slightly up at work.
We may, just may have a new IT manager on the cards. If we're lucky, we'll even have him by sometime in March. Let's see, 3 months then it will be that DF and I will have been running the show.

I also did some mind breakage at work on Friday. Guesses for what I wore to work that broke minds.

[livejournal.com profile] alamark, you're out of the running, cause you know exactly what I wore. ::giggle::

Replaced my coffee machine this morning. It was running hot and if I left it on for too long, like more than a couple of minutes, the top would get so hot that I could not touch it. That's a bad sign. The dude at David Jones was really nice and good, and swapped it with no hassles. He even threw in a box of goodies that he did not have any of when I was there before. Coffee cups, chocolate shaker, coffee, chocolate. nifty things.

and now it's stinking hot and I'm sweaty *and* smelly. They're bad combination. Out to the court tonight. Picked up some nifty stockings when I was in David Jones today too. Hipster fishnets with a backseam! which means the top won't roll 'cause of my excessively large belly! yay!

I'm still hating custards. For the second time in a row, ::glares at pot:: it's curdled. Only just this time, but enough to lose the silky smooth texture. and i'm gonna say fuckit this time. it'll do.
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played with espresso machine some more today.

I discovered something the other day, for those who've seen the crema form on top of a shot of coffee, you would appreciate how it rises, just like Guinness. I've discovered I can do the same after pouring milk on top of that shot. and then I got to watch the milk sink through the coffee. That was cool. So far, I've done it once. ::sigh::
i so need to spend some time with [livejournal.com profile] kae_dash and his expertise to get the optimum out of this thing. I think I shall also replace the silly double chambered filter. It's ... bizarre and doesn't seem to let the water flow through fast enough. I get either burnt coffee, or a lake on top of the soggy (coffee grounds) biscuit. It's supposed to be dry.

Also finished sewing two skirts over the last few days. I'm more than happy with how they fit.
Something that's not readily apparent with the white linen one, is that it is 3/4 circle. it hangs rather straight, unless propped up with sticks ...
photos somewhere ...

also a pic each of the colourful birdie that appeared in mum and dad's backyard last weekend, and the growing puppy.
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Let's see, in my near future, I have Stuff (Tm) planned.
I am actually even using a calendar and scheduling and booking time in too.
Still doens't help with the clashes.

Discussing money with my brother and making hammocks this weekend.

Fandomedia next weekend - missing a workmate's wedding ceremony. maybe. i might take time out of the 'con. either way I die.

weekend after: engagement party #1: saturday in Busselton.
engagement party #2 sunday afternoon.
bbq at the house of ... does it have a name?

I want my free time back!
no, not really, I'm just venting at the gods.

I wish my hayfever headache would go away. It's been with me for the last two days.


Oct. 29th, 2005 05:06 pm
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catapult kits

for .... me, me me me me me me mine mine mine mine.

i have so got to get my backside into gear and make one so I can practice for the archery and artillery tourney in January.


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