Sep. 5th, 2006 02:12 pm
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I just discovered RockBox - an opensource firmware for portable media players.
well, whadya know, it runs on iPods. It play wma and ogg too. It play Doom. Does it wash dishes? Don't think so.
(Also has impaired vision support)

hmmm ... do I trust OpenSource firmware on my shiney new toy ...
hmmm ...
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w00t de w00t

want want want



Somthing I thought of doing a l-o-o-o-o-o-ng time ago was mounting model rocket motors on the side of an r/c helicopter ...
silly, very silly and completely impractical. yes, impractical.
::whistles innocently::

stuff (Tm)

Nov. 18th, 2005 10:11 am
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been doing stuff. here and there. still getting over the nasty hayfever I had last week. headaches are coming on not as frequently now. thankfully.

My car's doing silly things to me. Either the odometer is fluctuating - possible, the car *is* 15 years old, or i'm getting better milage.
It needed refilling at 555 km the other day. I still remember when I got the car from my parents, that mum could never get it to go past about 400 km per tank. I could never quite comprehend how they managed that.

There is a 'con this weekend. by by free time. there is also a wedding. yay! for weddings :)

I have two seasons of little britain in my hot little handies. oh yay for brilliant british humour.
and i shall have my collection at the 'con on the weekend too, for those interested. BYO firewire hard drive. or similar.

Somehow, I managed to misplace my last month's credit card statement. so I didn't end up getting my full pay this last week. $600 short. which made a serious impact into my sanity stability. Found it though. where?
bloody calvin and hobbes. stealing my stuff. inside 'scientific progress goes 'boink''. apt, eh?
will now have money next week. phew.

Last weekend, I had the charger for my Li-ion helicopter battery let its magic blue smoke out. Went with a serious crack as well.
pulled it apart (two pressed aluminium halves) to discover what is obviously a manufacturing fault. A large blob of solder on one of the main power rails that was just big enough to contact the case and short out. Lifted a 2.5mm wide track clean off the PCB. It's going back for repair/replacement.
There's more to that silly saga though. I tried charging said li-ion battery with my ni-mh charger. ooops. it got, shall we say, a little warm. A little too warm. the battery swelled to about twice its original size. kaput, definitely. I'm just glad it did not explode. that would have been tres annoying. oh well, back to the waiting-for-money-to-afford-toys.

Speaking of toys. the business has been doing rather well these last couple of months. well enough to finally afford me my new computer.
if all goes well (ie work is not stupidly busy today), i'll be going to pick the parts up this afternoon. though more likely to be monday.
yay for new toys! ::geeks::

and more toys, we've just had arrive at work, two new g5 iMacs. complete with remote controls, nipple mice and built in cameras. sad, cause those toys won't get used here.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 10:40 am
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I think, I shall have some. or at least [ profile] kae_dash kidlets.
he gave me a very nifty birthday present last night.

If you're interested in seeing what it is, then be at training on sunday morning, or there shortly afterwards. I plan on using it.
*bounces with delight*

also, remember those mozzies that were eating me on Tuesday evening? didn't itch that night, or wednesday morning. but come late Wednesday evening, ouchies! my left hand was annoying me. unless I got bitten by evil mozzies at training that we missed.
Training was good. Just [ profile] justadecoy and I as minions. Meant we got to do lots of detail work. And we were watched by policemen all night. There was a booze bus on the Kenwick link and we had the chase car (for people trying to avoid the bus) lurking across the road from where we were.


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