Oct. 29th, 2006 11:16 am
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and front. In Sydney again. I now have two weeks worth of livejournal life to catch up on. Somehow ... I don't think it's going to happen. skip=2000. yeah. So if anything of import happened over the last fortnight, here's the place to poke me about it.
Longer stories coming later. In short. Perth was good. Saw people. Saw family which was weird. Bathurst was the most stressful time - rabid Catholic parents enforcing separate rooms. Canberra soothed that out of us. The people there rock. Still and always. Our planned surprise went down well. Photos coming once I've found the cable for my camera and can extract them back out.

Sleep. Food. Shower. Not necessarily in that order.
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I'm doing some gallivanting.

This weekend i'll be in Canberra to dance dance dance! St Vitus dance weekend here i come!
There will be much merriment as I catch up with friends.

then some days of work ... and then

Perth! I be back in Perth for the weekend after. In on the night of the 11th, back out on the night of the 14th.
I'll get to see and touch my [ profile] dormant_dragon (handy hint, be not around the house on the Friday night).

I'll be around. Not sure where, or when, but around.


May. 13th, 2006 11:39 pm
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minor update.
i'll be nipping down to canberra on the train next weekend. arriving on friday 19/5 at 2230, leaving on sunday afternoon 21/5 at 1700. I'll be staying with [ profile] le_dauncer but I have at least saturday morning free, as she will be working until 1pm (i think).

there should be mutch catching up with friends over this wekend, and pray, it shall be the first of many more such weekends.
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it has finally started to hit me. I had some wonderful people turn up to the aiarport to see me off.
Thank you and even more hugs to [ profile] fleur_de_soir, [ profile] kae_dash, [ profile] dormant_dragon, [ profile] mynxii, [ profile] shrydar, Jeanette, Shannon and Chi. and mum and dad :) t'was brilliant to see you guys there and give lots of hugs. those not, were missed.

The flight was reasonably uneventful. The seat next to me was empty :) It started to sink in that I really was leaving as I watched the departure lounge move away while the aircraft lined up onto the runway. 泣いて。 Got some nice photos of the gulf next to Adelaide. Now if only the cable for my camera was not in a box in Perth somewhere ... I think I even know which box.

Landed with [ profile] kasinik and [ profile] alamark. It was (is?) more than merely good to catch up with them. Glenn is enjoying himself way too much at Internode. I think he has outdone himself landing that job. It's fun and that's what it should be.
We had dinner at Jasmine's, an Indian restaurant underneath Internode's offices that really was divine. Nice tasty food, that's far from expensive.
Then a quick wander around the CBD, not that that takes long and then back to the house to talk and natter for a couple of hours. Bizarrely, it's 2340 my time (Adelaide) and I am really tired. 4 hours sleep last night, and long disance flying will do that I guess.
well, tomorrow it's catching up with [ profile] jadeisms and her boy.

fun. so far it is.


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