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The spontaneous road trip pushed out my scheduled plans, but it was worth it.

So, adjusted plans:

  1. Start the spa deck
  2. Practice violin
  3. Some calligraphy
  4. Get a timesheet webapp up and running.

  1. Did some! Got the some support structure in place, and enough top layer that I no longer have to chill my feet on the concrete.
  2. Tortured my ears with some recordings of myself. egads, intonation.
  3. No, ran out of go-go juice :(
  4. Tried. Still trying. Smegging opensource software.
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The list of hopefuls.

  1. Configure mod-security for my webhost
  2. Resolve the excessive 401 responses that Ownbutt keeps generating
  3. Training? If I get a response from Tom
  4. Replace the clutch hose on the car (it leaks)
  5. Some calligraphed letters
  6. Start on the decking around the spa.
  7. Practice violin

It seems that #2 is destined to fail, as the Ownbutt admins are calling the behaviour that I'm seeing a feature, and not a bug. What happens is that for every file in the sync'd folders, the Ownbutt client generates an un-authenticated PROPFIND request, and when that fails (as it should), it will then send an authenticated request. The end result is two requests for every file, doubling the load at all possible stages (client, server, logs). Idiotic? Why surely so!

Need to do some reading to get my head wrapped around #1, but the intent is to protect my web sites against random attacks.

[personal profile] dormant_dragon is up in Canberra this weekend (and Bathurst for the next two weeks), so I'll be doing more cooking than usual.
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well whoda thunk it, I'm having an enjoyable weekend.
There was the lazy Saturday afternoon (the morning didn't exist as I was asleep), attempting to paint gryphons. I need about a hundred hours more of practice before I start to approach mediocre. I suck! So while painting I avoided writing. yeah.

The evening was spent out with some workmates - the funky ones at least, at an ex-workmate's 21st. It was so-so. The freaky part was travelling to the Shire. The suburbs of Cronulla and that region are named such. There's even a great big stone sign which says so. F-r-e-ak-y man.

and today has been just as lazy but rather productive. I woke up at 10, which surprised me. me? up in the morning voluntarily? egads.
so I pulled the blocks of wood out and attempted to carve things. I need more practice - but not as much as I need to practice my painting. I attempted to slice 10mm of random-dark-wood off the block and ... it sort of worked. It's not hideous but it's not up to My Standards (Tm) of perfection. They will suffice to become my practice scraps of wood for some wax tablets. and that was all done before 3, so I pulled out the 'ole pens of d00m and did some more writing. I *am* getting better. Soon, soon, I will be perfect and then I can retire *grin*.

and now ... a lazy sunday evening, stroking my violin at times, browsing the intarweb at others, avoiding the evil smells my housemate exhorts from the kitchen, finishing of Once More with footnotes (for which I am very thankful to Jen for) and cordialising the lemons I thefted off the tree out the back earlier in the week. Rather lacklustre lemons, a whole shopping bag created only half a litre of juice. tut tut. anyway, I have lemon cordial, so I'm happy.
Did you know that canting is thieving slang?
Heralds don't pun they thieve? no ... just doesn't parse.

Still missing my girl. 12 days and I'll be with her!


Apr. 23rd, 2006 10:11 pm
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went looking for bunnings and other hardware stores near me.
there are two bunnings in reasonable transport distance. a small one in Chatswood and a warehouse in Artarmon. looks like i'll be going past the Artarmon one after work real soon now. and see what their wood selection is like.
there's a carbatec too, but it's most of the way out to parramatta. bugger. maybe ... one saturday when I have a bunch of spare time.

The level of furniture in my room is distinctly lacking. I have a bed and built in wardrobes. Nothing else. Need something to put stuff on. coffee tables and the like.

today has been very ... quiet. i'd planned on going into town tonight to do some latin dancing, however looking at the public transport situation kinda put me off it. there are no trains running on the northern line this weekend and the last bus *back* would be at 2330 and that means not much dancing at all :(

so I ended up watching Battlestar galactica instead. good trade I think :)
pulled swords out yesterday and did the big clean on them. then waved tham around for a bit too. my legs might be exercised, but my arms have not been. my wrists in particular are way out of practice. will practice more regularly now. time. i have spare time too.
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My computer geek score is greater than 95% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

did i expect any different?

The brief. Fandomedia Rawked! So much! my socks have painted the room.


when I get some free time. tonight. like, yeah.

de liver

Oct. 17th, 2005 01:09 am
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Day 3 of the Break From Work. It is monday, even if I haven't slept yet so it's still theoretically Sunday.

For those not in the know, I'm having this week off work. Why? cause I want to. I really wanted last week but that would have made me miss out on all the prep time for our disaster recovery test on saturday. so it's next week. last week would have been better. 'cept for the fact that I'm not actually working on Tuesday. almost. there's a meeting I really should be at. *sigh* the /one/ day when i should be nowhere near work, and I am.

saturday's server maintenaince went well. the only unusual part was when our Cisco 6000 router module decided to not accept the firmware update and didn't come back up. so it got an unscheduled disaster recovery test. which worked. we spent more time finding the right serial cable (amongst the plethora of serial console cables we have) than reloading the firmware.
the disaster recover test however, ran way overtime. My job was recovering the internal web server. We decided to do it differently from how we would normally do it, so we could work out the dependencies of all the webstuff we have installed on that (the dude who set it all up has been bludging in Sydney for the past 6 months) so I was there until 7 poking the webserver, gradually losing my mind and gaining a migraine.
at 7, I went Fuckit! we'd do a filesystem recovery now, and went home. I still say yay for firewire and not actually touching the original disk in the webserver, so rollback was simply 'set the original MacHD as the boot volume' and bob's someone else's uncle.
migraine bad enough that I crashed into bed upon arriving home and managed to miss both [livejournal.com profile] caitlen's farewell drinks and [livejournal.com profile] arkem's 21st. More than a little bit peeved was I at 0230 when I woke up for 2 minutes, realised there was no point being awake and promptly fell asleep again, headache still with me.

Sunday morning, putting my gear into bags for heading down to training I discovered that a certain small black fuzzy thing had decided that the aromatics of my hakama were substandard. So she enhanced them. Liquidly. Livid. Livid. Livid.
and I couldn't de-aromify my hakama before training. so i smelt like a cat urinal all morning. Kill! Stab! hurt! maim destroy.
something's up if she's peeing in random places like that.

Plans for the upcoming week of slackness:
more pool
clear the pool table.
fly glider
fly helicopter
not crash either of the above
mow the grass jungle
count my bills and input them into the cash tracking mumbu jumbo
make swords
complete learning my Horatio lines for [livejournal.com profile] dormant_dragon's last scenes of Hamlet
other random stuff

yeah, all that in a week?


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