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It's been a hard week at work. Finished a project for a new/prospective client, and we told them things they did not want to hear. means they have to spend money to fix their broken network. FIxed their non-existant backups and also their win2k3 server which bluescreened up to three times a day. reason? some stupid idiot installed Symantec anti virus on it. a product that is not server aware. yay for stupidity.

in other geeky news. the perfect use for a G4.
a letterbox

and if you're really bored?
rock, paper, scissors, jan, ken, pong, 25 item variant!

the air conditioning is still not working at work. yesterday was bad enough that I left work early feeling like I was being cooked. today was not quite so bad inside, but at 5pm, when i left, it was hot and stuffy inside the office, and raining outside. cold and raining.

the air con won't be working on monday too, so it has been declared beach day. we've been told to pack shorts, thongs an skirts to help try and keep cool, anything so long as it's beach themed! yay!

dogg bags!

May. 29th, 2006 12:25 pm
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bags for dogs.

like the old cat-carrier with a turn screw.

are you a scientist? do you want to keep producing cool stuff? don't get married.

and I've found a way to get onto boats. BMW winter series. and the club has a 'crew wanted' board. yay! if all goes well, and truthfully, i can't see it not, i'll be on a boat this sunday, getting cold and wet. one word. sweet!

I've also accepted the MS SQL DBA prospectus. It's not a 24/7/365 evilworldofpain like initially thought. It's a proposal to a client who have a lot of MS SQL databases and no admin. I would be the primary DBA with other guys here to back me up, if needed. We also have two in house SQL programmers and they both expressed enthusiasm and delight when I discussed the possiblity of me being trained up to be a DBA. I'm thinking now, how could I have even considered *not* going for this. I must have been smoking pot or something last week.


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